Presentation Speaker Information 

Presentations will be filmed and posted online. Acceptance of a presentation opportunity means you are giving SCI permission to post your filmed and/or recorded presentation on the SCI website, SCInet wiki, and other print or online platforms. Please ensure that all graphics and images included in your PowerPoint slides are used with author’s permission, are your original work, or are common source, as they will be released to a global audience online as your own work.

Be sure to sign the publication release form, and email it to

Each speaker will have 10 minutes only. Make this the best 10-minute presentation of your life! Practice and time your presentation to ensure that your most important points don’t go unsaid because time ran out. Because there are 3 – 4 presenters on each panel, and each speaker deserves the full ten minutes to share her/his expertise, there will be a timer on hand to notify each speaker of the 5-minute mark, and to indicate the conclusion of your 10-minute presentation. We will adhere strictly to the 10-minute limit time for all presentations and panels during this Convention to make it a fulfilling and effective experience for all.

Format for presentations: please submit PowerPoint slides (5 – 10 slides maximum for your presentation, plus one slide with your organization’s logo and contact information.)  Slides should contain graphics, images, and charts with brief captions. Please do not include large amounts of text in your slides to give your audience the most positive experience.

Format for speakers’ papers: please submit papers in Word document format, 1” margins, 12-font Times New Roman. Maximum length: 20 pages.