Solar Cookers International

Well into its third decade, SCI continues to support field projects, advocate globally, network with SCInet partners and educate the world about the benefits and importance of solar cooking. Learn more from the video on this page or by exploring our website.

Solar Cooking Basics

Until you see a solar cooker in action, it is hard to appreciate its power and simplicity for saving lives and changing lives. Most solar cookers follow this basic principle: sunlight is converted to heat energy that is retained for cooking.

For a third of humanity, a hot meal means cooking over an open fire. Living on less than $1/day, a woman caring for her household must choose between buying firewood or going without a hot meal. The picture below shows the firewood needed for just three meals.

With solar cooking, the fuel is free. And solar cooking produces no emissions. So, women and children won't breath toxic smoke as their food is cooked. With a solar cooker, they can use their time for other activities, like continuing their education or preparing goods for market. And with less need for wood for cooking, threatened forests can be preserved.

Make a Difference

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Firewood saved in one week with a solar cooker