Solar Cooking Basics

"Which solar cooker is for me?"

You can become a solar cook, and Solar Cookers International offers a number of resources to get you started. 

Visit our wiki to learn about solar cookers, solar ovens, solar grills, and other devices.

Solar Cookers International maintains this amazing, unique, comprehensive resource--the most complete resource of solar cooking in the world--so that you, too, can learn how to cook with free solar energy.

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You Can Help SCI Make a Difference

Until you see a solar cooker in action, it is hard to appreciate its power and simplicity for saving lives and changing lives. Most solar cookers follow this basic principle: sunlight is converted to heat energy that is retained for cooking.

solar cooking.jpgFor a third of humanity, a hot meal means cooking over an open fire. Living on less than $1/day, a woman caring for her household often chooses between buying firewood or going without a hot meal.

Solar cookers, solar ovens, and solar grills cook and pasteurize water with free, zero-emission solar energy. So, women and children breathe cleaner air as their food is cooked. Released from the danger and drudgery of gathering wood, women and children have more time and money for continuing their education, preparing goods for market, caring for family members--or simply resting. When zero-emission, free solar energy replaces wood, charcoal, or fossil fuels for our cooking and water pasteurization needs, the planet remains a beautiful place to live--and stays cooler. 

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