An Invitation To Sponsorship

You are invited to explore sponsorship for your company with the audiences of Solar Cookers International.

Become a key partner and effect social impact today.

Solar Cookers International forges alliances with some of the most influential international advocates, researchers, project managers, community organizers, thought leaders, non-profit organizations, and executives worldwide. SCI has more than 500 partners in 133 countries. Sponsorship provides visibility and engagement with like-minded peers.

You reach like-minded peers and leaders working on a critical challenge of our time: access to renewable, sustainable energy, particularly for people who live in the poorest regions of the world and earn less than $2 USD per day.

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We seek corporate sponsors interested in social responsibility, and who understand that solar cooking can improve human health, preserve the environment, empower women and girls, reduce violence, and ensure decentralized energy access for cooking and water pasteurization needs.

Sponsorship packages provide branding visibility for your investment. To learn more and to confirm availability, email Loretta Pehanich or call +1 (916) 455-4497.



-SCI's solar cooking website receives a quarter of a million visits every month.

-SCI’s main website receives close to 400,000 page views a year.

-SCI events and webinars with hundreds of participants.  

-A loyal audience of 4,000 Digest recipients, who welcome our publication via email every other week.

-Audience of 12,000 email recipients who receive periodic updates and information about SCI. This includes major donors, corporate supporters, and others.

-A special set of donors who merit individual attention. A list of 4,000 who receive US postal mail.