Solar Cookers International Network (SCInet)

Mission of the Solar Cookers International Network

The Solar Cookers International Network, or SCInet, comprises solar cooking experts and organizations who advocate to improve health, economies, societies and environments by spreading solar cooking, solar water pasteurization, and solar food processing.

Solar Cookers International (SCI) which has official consultative status with United Nations agencies, speaks to world leaders on behalf of all SCInet members and opens doors to regional and local offices.

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Member Benefits

Your listing in the International Directory of Solar Cooking gives you valuable access to free web space and assistance to create and maintain your online presence. Becoming a SCInet member is both a strategic and financial value.

SCInet members enjoy increased opportunities for partnership and collaboration, benefiting from SCI’s global reputation and the worldwide network of solar cooking organizations and individuals that contact SCI first when seeking connection with solar cooking organizations.

SCInet members get valuable opportunities to provide input and expertise to develop and guide the solar cooking sector.

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Whether you’re a solar cooking expert, nonprofit, individual or business interested in supporting and developing the solar cooking sector, SCInet is your way to connect to the global solar cooking community in order to learn more, do more, and make more of a difference in your region.


There are currently hundreds of organization and individuals throughout the world who have made a commitment to solar cooking success, and support the sector through SCInet engagement.

To keep the International Directory of Solar Cooking dynamic, only currently active solar cooking organizations, individuals, and manufacturers, wiki listings will be listed. Pages of non-responding organizations and individuals will be archived on the SCInet wiki but not included in the International Directory of Solar Cooking.

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