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Second Saturday  |  September 16, 2008

Saturday the 13th of September was a busy day for SCI local exposure, with Patricia @ the Midtown Community Fest and Edye and I working different booths at the popular Second Saturday Art Walk in the evening. Edye, one of our most active local Board Members, has been working with SMUD and she represented SCI at Green Sacramento on 19th & H Streets; and through collaborations fostered with Heifer International, SCI was able to secure a great spot in front of their office on J Street. While we are always looking for volunteers, they are not always available to staff every event, so this was an active weekend for local staff, Board and our most loyal advocates.

Karyn at SCI's booth during Second Saturday in Heifer International's courtyard.

The See's Candy sign brought em in, and we held em with solar cooked veggie lasagne and chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

Heifer International is located on J St between 22nd & 23rd in downtown Sacramento.

Renee of Heifer Intl educates people on Heifer's mission.

The band was great and attracted a lot of attention to our venue.

The weather was nice and the crowds were steady. Heifer will have one more 2nd Saturday event this season and has invited us back next month :)

Please contact Sierra@solarcookers.org if you're interested in helping out!




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