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Shine On!  |  September 30, 2008

The 10th Annual Shine On! event at the Sacramento Zoo was a great success once again, with over 225 guests in attendance and good weather to boot. Solar cooked treats were served, as well as light fare, snacks and wine. Patrick spoke about his recent and productive trip to Kenya and Geneva; Karyn presented highlights on her recent trip to East Africa and future plans for International Development Programs; and Bob regaled the audience with recent successes and exciting plans involving the Safe Water Program and the Portable Microbiology Laboratory (PML). A sincere thanks to everyone for your continued support!

The line up for our evening at Shine On!

Bill Hudson, Don Coan and Linda Hayward are the ever-reliable happy faces greeting our guests at the products and information table.

Alta Tura speaks with guests about the beautiful African art given as raffle prizes.

Virginia Moose and Gayle Hursh man the guest registration table.

Staff and volunteers assist guests at the products and information table.

Enthusiastic volunteers in charge of the solar cooked sweets table.

Two of Bob's ex-students volunteered to man the Water Table.

Kevin, staff and volunteers worked hard to put together some creative and comprehensive poster boards for the event.

Board Members Edye Kuyper, Baby Ellyn and Virginie Mitchem socializing at the event.

Yummy solar cooked treats.

Mike and Gloria a popular duo as bartenders for the evening.

Patrick spoke on his recent trip to Kenya, Geneva and France, and outlined project directions for the future.

Karyn showed a PowerPoint presentation on her recent trip to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, with highlights of Integrated Cooking, Water Testing incorporation and plans for new directions in International Development Programs.

Bob wraps up the evening with a comprehensive report on the Safe Water Project in Kenya, the Water Conference in Vienna, and exciting new developments and movements forward with the Portable Microbiology Laboratory (PML).




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