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SCI News

Faustine Odaba, Head Trainer in East Africa Office, to Visit Sacramento, CA  |  May 21, 2009

The Sacramento office is abuzz with activity.
We are preparing for Faustine Odaba's first visit to the United States.
We are very excited by her visit and honored that she chose Sacramento and the SCI office as a place to visit during her vacation.
Please join us in welcoming Faustine by emailing your good wishes to Rene@solarcookers.org. If you are interested in attending the May 28th reception for Faustine please contact the office or email Rene for the details.
We are very grateful for the work that Faustine does in the field. She is one of the many amazing people who work for SCI.


Rocket Stove Experiment @ SCI  |  May 8, 2009

SCI decided to go off the grid for lunch today and test out the Rocket Stove loaned to us by our premiere Brazil advocate, Irene Perbal.

A few twigs was all it took...

A quesadilla for Rene.


Popcorn had to be popped, of course.

It popped right on out of it's pot after only a couple of minutes.

And of course some tea, which also brewed up in a jiffy.

Yay, Rocket Stove!! Our next project is to make one of our own.


Solar Cooking @ Google  |  May 5, 2009

On April 22nd, SCI put on a solar cooking demonstration at the GooglePlex in Mt. View, CA. Three staff and a handful of Board Members, loyal associates and solar cooking advocates came together to demonstrate a variety of solar cookers and water pasteurization devices. The Google crowd, not surprisingly, was full of intelligent and technical questions, and impressed at the simplicity of the solar cooking and water pasteurization techniques on display this sunny day.

Various parabolics, panel cookers, box cookers, and fuel-efficient stove technologies were represented.

The Villager Sun Oven, as usual, attracted people due to it's impressive size (not to mention delicious and irresistible cookies).

Posters and display boards explained how solar cookers work and provided illustrations of work in the field.

Star Board Member, Pat McArdle and Google rep. Mark Aubin made it possible for SCI to participate in Earth Day at Google.

Board Member Michael Mora cooked up some tasty cookies in the SOS Sport Oven (right).

SCI's Patricia and Rene prepare for the masses.

Pat explains the inventive Sunny Cooker ~ a parabolic donated donated to SCI by the Japan Solar Energy Educational Association that folds down to umbrella size.

SCI's Karyn Ellis enjoys a solar-cooked treat at the Chili table.

Interested Google techies take phone photos ~ hopefully for a Twitter update!

Karyn Ellis and Pat McArdle fraternize in between demo talks.

Patricia explains solar cooking procedures to Google staff.

SCI's former Executive Director, Bev Blum demonstrates how the CooKit panel cooker is used.

SCI Board Member Gini Mitchem explains the fundamentals of solar cooking.

A three-cheese pizza cooking in the Tulsi Hybrid Solar Cooker.

Allart Ligtenberg tells Google staff of his experiences in Nepal, and with his own backpack-cooker trekking up many a mountain.

Paul and Chris Munson travel around the country towing the large and impressive Village Sun Oven behind their SUV.

Popping popcorn on the intricate Prometheus parabolic cooker.

Sun Ovens cooking in front of their big brother, the Villager.

Gini and Michael speak with our host, Mark Aubin of Google.

We got quite the tour after the demonstration was over ~ Google seems like an interesting and 'happy' place to work, judging from all the relaxed and smiling employees on the lush and ample Google campus. We hope to work with Google again!

For more information on the various solar cookers available at SCI, please visit the product page of our website: www.solarcookers.org.

For updates on International Development Programs, visit SCI's International Photo Blog: www.solarmoxie.blogspot.com



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