SCI supports the Nepalese organization FOST (Foundation for Sustainable Technologies) to distribute solar cookers to those in need and train people how to make and use solar cookers. 


For example, SCl donors helped provide a solar cooking workshop for 57 people.

Workshop participants:

-single women heads of household
-burn survivors
-women leaders

Many participants would not be able to afford to purchase solar cookers, or the supplies to make them, on their own.  fuel savings.png



Participants made their own solar cookers and were able to save 37% of their fuel expenses by solar cooking. Some participants started their own solar cooking restaurants to support their families.  Nepal project.jpg

FOST also taught over 5,000 students from  15 schools, Rotary  Club members, and blind  community members about solar  cooking from  June through October, 2015.

Photos: S. Kaji Kathmandu Valley, Nepal