Solar cookers: tools that fight poverty... with your help

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Thanks to SCI supporters and a partnership with the local Tanzanian organization, Macedonia Ministry,

30 women in Rau village are now using

-solar box cookers

-retained heat baskets (to keep food hot)

-water pasteurization indicators for purifying water

The project is using the recently created Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey, to track the effects in their lives. 


"On behalf of Macedonia Ministry and the community of Rau I would like to thank you,  SCI...and friends who have contributed to make sure that Rau community have solar cookers."-Sperancea Gabon, Project Manager  

Rose Shangarai by Jan Hamer 2014 web.jpg

Rose Shangarai (who is from Rau and is helping implement this project) and Darwin Curtis (SCI’s 2013 Order of Excellence recipient). Dar invited Rose to his home, where Rose received a lesson in solar cooking. (Photo: J. Hamer 2014)



 Help support the year of follow up training and meetings so that these women can continue to reap the benefits of solar cooking.



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