How Many Solar Cookers?

3.2+ million solar cookers worldwide and counting...

11+ million people directly impacted by solar cooking...

We Need Your Help: Counting Up

Solar Cookers International (SCI), as a leader and convener of the global solar cooking sector, is compiling global data on solar cooking.  This information gives policy-makers a greater understanding of solar cooking worldwide.

By placing your cursor over a location, you can see the organization name and number of solar cookers distributed.  


Solar Cooking Organizations and Individuals

If you/your organization's information is not present or up to date on the map, please complete the form below to update it. Updates will be completed within a week. 

Please enter data on solar cooker distribution that has occurred since January 1, 1990. 

Please include solar cookers that were made, sold, subsidized, and/or distributed free of cost.  The goal is to identify the quantity, type, and approximate location of all known solar cookers.  

Update your information at least annually.  SCI will email a reminder to do so. Your participation can help global leaders understand the impact solar cooking can have for households, communities, and nations.

Information displayed on the map was gathered from published reports, SCI Wiki pages, SCI store data, the SCI events and forms.  

Location of distribution of solar cookers is shown on the map.  If that information was not available, or easily represented, location of solar cooker origination is shown on the map.

Information shown on this map is self-reported by individuals and organizations.  Solar Cookers International does not have the capacity to independently verify all of this information.

Solar Cooker Distribution by Type

Concentric circles represent different data entries for a given location.

The 2016 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recently said that the CO2 emission factor is 1.46 tonnes per 1 tonne of fuelwood. Read Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) Toolbox: Woodfuel Assessment in Displacement Settings. [see p. 13] 

​Based on that, the 3.2+ million solar cookers that SCI identified would reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 3 - 9 million tons in one year  or 16-45 million tons over their lifespan (based on type and use).   

That is equivalent to

planting 376 - 1,058 million trees.  

 These carbon emission reductions from solar cookers could have saved $256 million - $1,305 million due to the social cost of carbon, as estimated by the US Environmental Protection Agency.