Grace enjoys a solar cooked meal at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

12:09 PM on Sep 7, 2022


Thanks to YOU, women at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya are benefiting from the positive impacts of solar cooking. Watch a very special video of Grace* enjoying a home-cooked meal with her son.

Grace Video SS.pngTranslation:

(A member of our team asks if the food is well cooked)

"The food is well cooked. I have today cooked githeri (local dish) and it did awesomely well. I am happy that henceforth, my stress is gone. No more looking for charcoal and firewood. My kid here wants to try the food and he likes it," says Grace.

(A member of our team encourages her to try solar cooking different types of food)

Click here to watch the video.


*Personal details of the people we serve have been protected for their privacy.