Meet Kitty Hoffman - SCI Development Manager

11:12 AM on Oct 3, 2019


My name is Kitty and I am Solar Cookers International’s Development Manager.  I think I have the best job in the world.  I get to speak with our incredible supporters, like you – the people that are changing lives and putting solar cooking technologies into the hands of women and children around the world.  

When you call the SCI office wanting to make a donation or know what your gift went towards, you’re connected through to me.  I get to chat with you about the important work your money is funding and why it matters.   

You all inspire me.  Hearing about why you like solar cooking and what changes you want to see in the world, makes me look forward to going to work every morning.  And at the end of each day, I bring this joy home and share my love of solar cooking with my little family – my fiancé and my cats.   

In addition to meeting with you, I get to connect you with the people you are helping, like Shirisha.  Shirisha lives in Nepal, she is eight years old, and she is an orphan.   

It is my job to bring Shirisha’s story to you.  In turn, I get to see your generosity and kindness.  I am fortunate to work with our supports who are helping SCI in our efforts to bring solar cooking to Shirisha’s orphanage.  Right now, the orphanage spends so much money on cooking fuel that very little is left over for new clothes and shoes, and updated schoolbooks and supplies.  

With solar cookers, Shirisha and her friends will have what they need to thrive.  They can have clean water, nutritious meals, warm clothes that fit, and books to read.  Because you met Shirisha, she and her friends won’t have to breathe in smoke from a cooking fire or go to bed hungry.   

It is only though people like you that Shirisha and children around the world like her can grow up healthy and happy.  It is my honor to continue this journey together and form these lifelong connections between you and individuals like Shirisha – a young girl halfway around the world, whose life will change for the better because you heard her story.