Mindy Fox

Special Projects Manager (part-time)

SCI's Special Projects Manager Mindy Fox envisions, assesses feasibility, and administers projects that promote the SCI mission. Mindy leads change through effective communication and collaboration while fostering the vision of SCI. She cultivates relationships and supports fundraising and program development efforts to achieve SCI's strategic goals. 

Ms. Fox has over two decades of experience in environmental protection in the public sector. She oversaw hazardous waste site cleanup. She also facilitated public participation and environmental justice efforts.  Mindy worked with businesses across California to increase their use of recycled content feedstock and the procurement of recycled content products by the consumer and commercial sectors. She co-managed, with the state Environmental Protection Agency, the creation of a State Board of Education approved environment-based curriculum for use in California classrooms. She managed teams implementing policy analysis, public affairs and outreach, legislative work and all program activities.

Mindy Fox joined SCI in 2018. Mindy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from California State University, Sacramento. She built her first solar box cooker under the instruction of SCI co-founder Dr. Bob Metcalf. She is an avid gardener, composter, hiker and reader.