Marty Greenia


Mr. Greenia has been a professional engineer for more than a decade. Over his career, he's worked both at large corporations and tiny startups. He enjoys working with teams to identify and solve their scaling challenges.

Currently a software engineer at Facebook, he focuses on improving technical performance and quality. Mr. Greenia is also heavily invested in leadership and organizational strategy and involved in blogging, conference organization, education, and mentorship.

Marty Greenia joined the SCI board in 2016. “I believe solar cooking is a simple solution to an age-old problem and can be one of the most direct ways to help people on the ground. SCI is creating a self-sustaining strategy that measurably improves people’s lives. We can measure the impact over time and truly make a difference.”

A California Bay Area native, Mr. Greenia graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley. He spends his spare time boarding gaming, reading, and coding for fun. He is currently trying to grow garlic in his kitchen.