• Share solar cooking in your community or worldwide

    SCI 2011 Volunteer of the Year Afzal Syed teaches others about solar cooking -2014

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You have the power to share solar cooking worldwide with a gift to Solar Cookers International.

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You have the power to share solar cooking exponentially. Learn more about volunteering with SCI.


Find creative ways you show…

  • How the world would be better if everyone in your community solar cooked? 
  • How people’s health improves when people solar cook?
  • How we save forests when trees aren’t burned up in family cookfires?
  • The sky's the limit--what are your ideas?

Share your ideas with our global neighbors online: Use the form below to tell SCI about your actions that help spread the word about solar thermal cooking technology. We'll share your ideas with the global community on our website and on the SCInet wiki at www.solarcooking.org.

Help make solar cooking technology available to 20% of the world’s families. You can have a powerful influence. 

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