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    Our volunteers demonstrating solar cooking at the Sacramento Food Bank. Photo: 2015 Sacramento Food Bank

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Ways You Can Promote Solar Cooking

Share your solar cooking expertise: Have friends over for a solar-cooked dinner. Solar cook at the campground, in the park, in front of your home, by the lake--everywhere there's free solar energy.

Claudia Sansone Malawi 2015.jpg

"I was impassioned by cooking with solar rays! [I] was convinced that it was a means of cooking in Malawi, Africa that I needed to pursue.” -Claudia (center) 2015

Claudia Sansone teaches solar cooking in Malawi with information she found thanks to Solar Cookers International’s donors.

Events: Contacting the Press

Let your local/regional press know about a solar cooking event. Press releases should be clearly and simply written, never forgetting the famous four Ws— Who (who is sponsoring and who to contact for further information), What (details about what will take place), Where, and When. Include a memorable quote and photographs.

Advertising Your Event

Many newspapers and newsletters have community calendars that list community events, often at no charge Many radio stations also announce community events at no charge. Include the four W's: Where the event will be held (name of the town, city, state, country) where the event will be held. People in your town may know where "Riverside Park" or "Upside Hall" is, but word of your event can travel farther than you realize.

Email, Facebook, and online event platforms are other ways to network your event. You can generate a list of networkers by having people sign up at your events. Word of mouth is very important, too. Talk to people about your event every chance you get. If you can make small handouts that hit the highlights of the event (aim for six or eight to a page, which is reasonably economical) to give people when you talk to them, they will be more likely to remember to add your event to their calendar when they get home. 

To help people find the global solar cooking community, include information about Solar Cookers International.

Raising money to benefit solar cooking through Solar Cookers International's work means you stretch your support for solar cooking worldwide. Contact info(at)solarcookers.org for more information.

For more resources on planning your solar cooking event, click here.