• Take Action to Make a Difference

    Create a fundraiser with your friends to support SCI’s projects in Kenya or Nepal. Photo: C. Cross, 2014

Promote Solar Cooking

Become a solar cook! Show people you know how fun and easy solar cooking is, and the impact of your action may be felt half a world away.

What can one person or a group do to promote solar cooking? Your group or community can support SCI’s work by fundraising or by demonstrating solar cooking. SCI lists many global solar cooker projects in its various publications.  Your project may be the one that inspires someone to begin solar cooking and teach others, too. Many find it satisfying to make the world a better place while connecting with your community and having fun, too! 

Creative people have organized community Solarbrations, solar Cookie Bake-Offs, Sol Food pot-lucks and Sun Runs that spread the word about the simplicity and importance of solar cooking. Use social media to include your circle of friends and tell them about solar cooking.

Have friends over for a solar-cooked dinner. Solar cook at the campground, in the park, in front of your home, by the lake--everywhere there's sun.

Raising funds for SCI's projects and the wiki resource means you can help people around the world without leaving your community. Contact the SCI Worldwide Office for more information.