Peace Corps: Add Impact with Solar Cooking

By joining new communities, Peace Corps Volunteers have a unique opportunity to introduce solar cooking globally.

Solar Cookers International recommends learning to build and use a solar cooker as part of your personal preparation for this intensive volunteer experience. Knowing how to cook and pasteurize drinking water with free solar energy may help keep you healthy, and could be an additional life-changing innovation for your new neighbors.

"I wish I had known about solar cooking before I left for the Peace Corps."

Because many Volunteers work in places where income is scarce and environments are degraded, solar cooking is a good solution to the problem of scarce or expensive biomass and fossil fuels needed for cooking and making water safe to drink. 

For more information, contact the SCI Worldwide Office.

Peace Corps Improved Cookstoves Handbook (2013)

Testimonial from a Peace Corps Volunteer 

“My name is Wade Steene. I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

In 1992, a set of your plans for a box cooker went with me to the Republic of Guatemala. Two of the cookers were built and used during my service there…. It was regarded as a novelty by those who saw it in use. A young single guy was not really taken seriously by the local housewives.

"What would a man know about cooking?"

To be honest, frying eggs was the extent of my culinary talents at the time. I really did not understand the limitations and capabilities of the cookers. My lack of experience using the cookers really shone through. Live and learn.

These days I am an adult leader with my local Boy Scout troop. The boys are far easier to impress than Guatemalan housewives. They were quite impressed with my windshield shade cooker. Actually it was the chocolate cake they seemed impressed with. Fresh cake seems to get their attention.

I have been making and experimenting with several of Teong Tan's panel cookers. Putting together locally sourced "HotPots" is now an obsession. I find it hard to drive past thrift stores. The bug has bitten hard this time around. This hobby is quite rewarding and fun to share with others.

Many thanks for sending those plans to me.


Wade Steene”