Solar Cooking in the Classroom

In 2013, students at Emerson Junior High School in Davis, California tested their own designs for solar cookers (see YouTube video above). Julie Greene, SCI's Executive Director, and Maddy Wilson, SCI Volunteer, interviewed students about the strengths of their designs and their ideas to build a better solar cooker.

Teachers' Kits

A great addition to your curriculum, the Teacher's Kit includes everything to start solar cooking and teach others, too. The kit contains a complete CooKit solar panel cooker; a 3 Pound Roaster; a Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI); one set of 3 educational posters (How/Why/Types; the Suncookers DVD, and SCI's classic instruction manual Solar Cookers: How to Make, Use and Enjoy. Includes a 13-page manual for teachers. Visit our Shop for more details.

Lesson Plans

Check out SCInet for free Educational Resources on solar cooking, including lesson plans and how-to guides for building solar cookers.

Students Helping Others

Students create pot holders for solar cooks

Students in Kansas decorated pot holders for households that receive solar cookers in SCI's projects. Other schools have raised funds for projects by building solar cookers and raising dollars for every degree the temperature inside the solar cooker will reach.

CooKit Tracing Template
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