• Volunteers Make a Difference


Whether you want to teach others to solar cook, or help at the Worldwide Office, SCI will engage your interests, challenge and satisfy you. Use your experience to help people improve their health, quality of life, and the environment by helping spread solar thermal cooker technology with the SCI team.

The most effective way to spread a new technology is to use it yourself, and let others see it work. 

Organize a solar cooking event or teach a solar cooking class.

The SCI Worldwide Office values the passion and skills of volunteers worldwide who network, demonstrate, research, hold  SCI Advisory Council status, photograph and film solar cooking. 

For more information about volunteering with the SCI team, contact info@solarcookers.org or (916) 455-4499.

Look for current SCI volunteer opportunities on SCI's Volunteer Match Page. Look to the upper right side of the page.