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The Solar Cookers International Association is an elite group of academics, decision makers, designers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, innovators, advocates, humanitarians, environmentalists, and NGOs working to promote solar thermal cooking worldwide.

SCI Associates have high impact on solar cooking worldwide. SCI provides the extensive resources that SCI Associates need for innovation and networking opportunities.

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Solar Cookers International gathers a network (SCInet) of hundreds of solar cooking individuals, organizations, and businesses. Experts contribute to the global store of knowledge of solar cooking by signing in and updating the SCI Wiki,

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Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey

(1) Use this survey to gather a solar cooking project's baseline and post-distribution data

(2) Share your data with Solar Cookers International   info(at)

Created by the Solar Cookers International Adoption and Impact Working Group to standardize data collection

Evaluate: Exploratory Resident Survey

(1) Use this survey to determine if solar cooking is an expressed, felt need by the residents of a community. It can be used in rural or urban communities, refugee camps, or internally displaced persons (IDP) settlements. 

(2) Share the results of your survey with Solar Cookers International  info(at)

Created by Solar Cookers International, based on FAO survey