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About SCI's testing process

Responding to requests from cooks, agencies, and manufacturers, SCI created an objective, scientific process to evaluate solar cookers: the Performance Evaluation Process (PEP). SCI objectively and scientifically evaluates how a solar cooker performs.  Solar cooks and purchasing agencies around the world need these valuable performance metrics to select the solar cooker that best fits the need.

SCI’s evaluation is:

SCI promotes all solar cooker designs that are:

  • High-performing and durable

  • Proven by testing according to the objective SCI performance evaluation process (PEP)

SCI is a solar cooker testing center recognized by the
Clean Cooking Alliance.

Evaluations are arranged by SCI and conducted at Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers (RTKCs) in Lalitpur, Nepal; New York, USA; California, USA; and Nairobi, Kenya.


Official SCI PEP results

Final report results:

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Fully committed to PEP testing, results coming soon (pending testing completion and manufacturer approval):

Haines 2.0



Don’t see your favorite solar cooker’s results here?  Encourage the manufacturer to get it tested and/or pay for it to be tested yourself.