• Donations Make Training Possible

    Faustine Odaba of NAREWAMA trains the members of CRESS in solar cooking with funding from SCI. 2013


SCI works with partners globally to address health and energy needs in a variety of sensitive populations and environments. 

Solar Cookers International provides information and connects partners to bring simple, effective and appropriate solar thermal cooking technology to people who are interested in changing their lives by changing their cooking tools. 

Early in its history, Solar Cookers International identified an urgent need for refugees and villagers in Africa to cook and pasteurize water, and SCI designed a panel solar cooker, the CooKit, to meet this need. SCI supporters through the years have provided more than 20,000 CooKits to families in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Through our efforts, SCI combats poverty, supports local economies, and preserves human dignity. We are motivated to change and save lives with solar thermal cooking technology. 

Catalog of Giving

Give the Gift of Knowledge: $1,000

Your gift of $1,000 can provide a personalized, 3-day intensive training in solar cooking, improved cookstove and retained-heat cooking, water pasteurization, and entrepreneurial skills for 15-20 women and change their lives--and the lives of their children--forever

Help Global Neighbors: $500

Your gift of $500 can provide Safe Water Packages, like the one on the left, to 8 households in a region like Nyakach, Kenya, and change 40-50 lives.  Using solar cookers, improved cookstoves, and retained-heat cookers can reduce the amount of open fire smoke people--mostly women and children--will breathe every day. 

A Leveraged Gift: $250

How can one person reach thousands? By supporting the SCInet wiki--an online treasure of 2,000 articles, 3,600 photos, and 380 videos about solar cooking. You can learn to solar cook, make a solar cooker, find a global project partner, teach someone to solar cook, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a solar cooking project.  Your gift provides all this knowledge and more for free, bringing solar cooking to people who need it most, as quickly as possible! 

Entrepreneurial Gift: $100

SCI supports projects that help grow local economies.  Solar cookers, retained-heat cookers, and improved cookstoves used in SCI's projects are made by local artisans.

And because panel and box solar cookers can cook unattended, your support frees women to plant more crops, start a small business, or get education. 

Give the Gift of Health: Clean Water and Hot Food $60

For the cost of dinner out for a family of four, you can give the gift of safe drinking water and hot food to a family drinking contaminated water and eating cold food.

Give a Gift Where the Need is Greatest

Solar cooking can improve a woman’s health, her children’s health, her household budget, her field’s ability to grow crops, her personal safety, and her educational opportunities. Your gift to Solar Cookers International will be directed to where it's needed most.

Your donations in this directory are a gift to Solar Cookers International’s broader mission. To help harness the sun for the benefit of people and the environment, SCI does not use its limited resources to match a donation to a single solar cooker or its recipient. Instead, your generous gift is combined with others to provide solar cookers and education where they are most needed. SCI is a U.S. 501(c)3 organization, and your donation is fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. SCI's federal tax ID number is: 68-0153141.