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SCI hosts a Side Event at the United Nations High-Level Political (HLPF) Forum 2022

Honoring Mother Earth and mothers far and wide

SCI at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Forum

SCI honored with a resolution by the California's State Legislature at COP26

World Bank/ Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) webinar featuring SCI

Highlights from COP26

SCI's World Health Organization (WHO) Side Event at COP26

COP26 Side Event at the Cryosphere Pavilion

COP26 U.S. Climate Action Center Side Event

SCI speaks at the Global Warming Mitigation Project's COP26 Press Conference

COP26 Press Conference with REN21

COP26 Press Conference with the NDC Partnership

COP26 Press Conference with the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre & Network

COP26 Press Conference with the Clean Cooking Alliance

Solar Cooking: One Piece of the Climate Solution

Vegan and Grain Free Cookie Recipe

Cooking at Kakuma Refugee Camp

Do you want to be a COP26 sponsor?

SCI featured on PBS's Studio Sacramento

Solar Cookers International named a winner of the Keeling Curve Prize

Clean Cookstoves Heat Up at Climate Summit

The US Administration announces strong support for clean cooking.

Watch SCI advocate at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum

Can you solar cook bread on a cold day?

SCI at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Virtual Event

What is your favorite solar cooked dish to have in the spring?

A Sweet Treat with SCI Board Member Dr. Peg Barratt

How and why I give to Solar Cookers International

Can you solar cook in the Arctic?

Kenya Order of Excellence

Thank you for making a difference with SCI in 2020

Solar cooking's positive impacts for women and the environment

SCI share successes at the ReEnergy Africa E-Summit

DARE to Solar Cook - The Physics of Cooking with Sunshine

Converging Approaches to Sustainable Resilience

SCI shares solar cooking techniques for the American Solar Energy Society's Solar Tour

What does solar cooking mean to you? SCI supporter Maria shares her story

SCI Board Member Monica Woods discusses the importance of solar cooking solutions in addressing global climate and health challenges

John Collentine Toolkit Naming Ceremony

Solar Cooking with SCI Board Member Dr. Peg Barratt

Ways to Improve Your Meaningful Charitable Gifts

SCI Tribute to Dr. Sonia Heptonstall

10 Reasons Solar Cooking is Essential During a Global Health Crisis (and Beyond)

What is your favorite thing to solar cook?

Adopting Solar Cooking on a Grander Scale

Solar Cooking in Kenya: It's a Blessing

Making a Difference, Today and Tomorrow

From the Journal of Pat McArdle

SCI Board Member Monica Woods shares her legacy

"Our Planet Our Future" with SCI and You

Introducing Dr. Shishpal Rawat

Celebrating 2019 Successes and Looking Ahead to 2020

A special message from Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya…

SCI supporter Darwin Curtis makes solar cooking research possible

Rob's Journal from the UN Climate Change Conference

COP25 Press Conferences

United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25

Sharing the solution of solar cooking at the UC Solar Thermal Technologies Symposium

Meet Mindy Fox - SCI Special Projects Manager

SCI presentation at the Nyack Library

Written by SCI Science Director and Main Representative of SCI to the United Nations Alan Bigelow, Ph.D.

Solar Cookers International featured in The New Yorker magazine

Solar Cookers International is Highlighted in The Environmental Poll as a Solution to Environmental Challenges

What it’s like representing SCI at the United Nations High Level Political Forum

Solar Cookers International chapter published in United Nations book “A Better World: Actions and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals”

3.3+ Million Solar Cookers and Counting

See the impact of 3.3+ million solar cookers!

Alan's Journal on Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

SCI’s PEP test allows manufacturers and consumers to understand the cooking power of solar cookers

Doing the most good

The gift of cooking with the safe, clean energy of the sun

School of Engineering and Sciences developing solar cooking technology into their curriculum

Offsetting Carbon: SCI and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Set a Stunning Lead to Follow

SCI Welcomes the Sacramento School of Science and Engineering

Brave, strong, and selfless. Tributes to women and mothers

SCI Awards the Order of Excellence to the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Mr. Doran Smout, leaving a legacy of dedication and generosity

SCI Welcomes Dr. Peg Barratt

SCI is thrilled to announce Dr. Peg Barratt as SCI's newest board member

The CooKit: An Effective and Economical Choice for Solar Cooks Around the World

Can open-source solar cooker designs deliver performance?

Beverly Blum has been an ardent advocate of solar cooking

The Case for Using Partners

From the Journal of Barbara Jodry

United Nations Climate Change Conference | COP24

Why I joined SCI’s legacy circle

Written by SCI Executive Director Caitlyn Hughes.

SCI Advocating at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2018

The annual High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) held at the United Nations in New York City each July is one of SCI’s top advocacy opportunities to promote solar cooking.

SCI opening new doors in France and Switzerland with WHO

New Executive Director Hired for International Organization Leading Critical Environment and Global Health Effort

Strengthening the capacity for solar cooking in Haiti

Written by SCI Science Director and Main Representative of SCI to the UN Alan Bigelow, Ph.D.

Solar: Cooking Power of the Future

Solar cooker technologies have improved in quality and performance over the past 30 years.

Myth busting solar cooking

Exploring an Exciting New Partnership-Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson and the  Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development

Improving lives through solar cooking in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya Interviews SCI About Drastically Cutting Our Carbon Footprint And Improving Our Health

How will you make a lasting impact?

California State Legislature recognizes SCI

Grace enjoys a solar cooked meal at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya