How do I start a solar cooking project in my country?

Find like-minded people with solar cooking experience in the country index at SolarCooking.orgthe Solar Cookers International Wikia website. Key collaborators, events, and vendors are in the spotlight to assist your search for local and regional experts.

Can Solar Cookers International bring solar cooking to our country?

Solar Cookers International can best help in two ways: by providing you with knowledge resources, and helping you identify local, experienced collaborators who know your culture and the appropriate solar cooking solutions for your region. 

To find experts in your country, click here: solarcooking.org/countries

How do you make a solar cooker?

Solar Cookers International provides the most current solar cooker designs and plans. Explore the Solar Cooker Plans category page at SolarCooking.org.

Read moresolarcooking.org/build

Can you mail me copies of the SCI Digest?

Solar Cookers International recommends you download and print copies of our publications. This saves your organization the delayed time required for international post, especially as international mail often becomes lost. Issues of our previous publication, The Solar Cooker Review,and volumes of the SCI Digest can be found here:  solarcooking.org/scr

Can you send me banners and other display materials?

SCI does not provide banners and display materials for overseas demonstrations because of the prohibitive shipping costs and customs delays. We encourage you to download brochures and other materials directly from this website. Please click the Download resources link.

Can you send the solar cookers or WAPIs I made to communities abroad?

SCI appreciates innovation and generous contributions to spreading solar cooking worldwide. Additionally, SCI supports the promotion of all high-quality, durable solar cookers that have been evaluated by SCI’s testing protocol. Read more at See test results. To have your solar cooker model tested by SCI, read more here.

As a successful alternative, we encourage you to use the solar cookers you’ve built as the basis for a fundraising activity locally, and send the proceeds to SCI or support an established solar cooking project using tested solar cookers. Or, use your new solar cookers to teach people in your local community how to solar cook. 

SCI’s mission is to support local economies. Providing free solar cookers in a region where local people are earning a living selling artisan, locally-made solar cookers can erode our best intentions, however well-meant we are. 

If your question is not answered above, please contact Solar Cookers International at info@solarcookers.org

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