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Thinking of buying a solar cooker or starting a solar cooker project? View test results here to make an informed decision.

About SCI's testing process

Responding to requests from cooks, agencies, and manufacturers, SCI created an objective, scientific process to measure solar cooker performance specifications: the Performance Evaluation Process (PEP).  Solar cooks and purchasing agencies around the world need these valuable performance specifications to select the solar cooker that best fits their needs.

SCI is a solar cooker testing center recognized by the
Clean Cooking Alliance.

Evaluations are arranged by SCI and conducted at Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers (RTKCs) in Nairobi, Kenya; Lalitpur, Nepal; California, USA; and New York, USA.

Official Results from the Solar Cookers International (SCI) Performance Evaluation Process (PEP)

Solar cookers are listed alphabetically below and color-coded by type: reflective-panel cookers (orange); box ovens (green); and evacuated tubes (purple).

SCI provides this information to benefit solar cooks and future solar cooks, agencies, and manufacturers; but this information is proprietary, so please do not publish it further without written permission from SCI.

Solar Cookers - click on the names to access PEP Results Reports

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Standard Cooking Power (watts)

CooKit with oven bag greenhouse CooKit 46
CooKit with Pyrex bowl greenhouse CooKit 58
Fornelia Mini Fornelia 93
Glenergy Solar Cooker Glenergy 85
GoSun Sizzle GoSun 99
Haines 1 Haines Solar Cookers: Haines 1 41
Haines 2.0 Haines Solar Cookers: Haines 2.0 82
StarFlower Solar Chef International: StarFlower 117
SunFocus    Sun BD Corporation: SunFocus 52
SurviveIt2 SurviveIt2 LLC 24
UGLI Sun BD Corporation: UGLI 61
ULOG Family-size Ecomandate Foundation 37
ULOG Standard-size Ecomandate Foundation 26
Fully committed to PEP testing, results coming soon (pending testing completion and manufacturer approval):

Glenergy Solar Cooker with Glenergy cookware

GoSun Go

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Look for this PEP tested label which manufacturers have permission to use once the testing process is complete and the PEP results report is approved by the manufacturer.

PEP tested label for cooker.jpg

Don’t see your favorite solar cooker’s results here?  Encourage the manufacturer to get it tested and/or pay for it to be tested yourself.