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SCI's 30 years of global resources and expertise increase your project's success from the start.

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Contribute to or review project design to incorporate best practices

Share other example project plans

30 years of organizational experience with multiple projects in many different locations, for your benefit.

Access and direction to prioritized resources such as training manuals, surveys, etc.

 Over 1,700 pages of information

Incorporate/analyze solar radiation data

 SCI Science Director’s expertise, results interpretation, and recommendations

Conduct resident exploratory survey

Set the proper foundation for a successful project.

Connection to network and manufacturer recommendations

 Hundreds of partners in over 130 countries to establish the best fit

Conduct baseline survey

So you can track the impact your project will have and share your success.

Trainer for hire

You do not have to know how to do it, you just need to know who can.  

Follow up training guidance

This can be a key determinant in the success of a project.  Don’t leave it out.  

Regular check ins (calls) throughout the project to offer input/guidance/help resolve any challenges

Course correction

Interpret existing solar cooker Performance Evaluation Process results  (currently these are proprietary, and cost about $1,000 to generate for each solar cooker tested).  

This will ensure best product selection (quality) and a long term successful project.


Conduct solar cooker Performance Evaluation Process

Accurately evaluate any different solar cooker designs

Data analysis

-compare baseline and post-distribution project data utilizing Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey


SCI Association Organizational level membership

Promotion of project success through SCI’s vast network (social media, UN, etc.)

Highlighting project success in presentations, communications, etc.  


Wiki page creation and updates

Site receives  an estimated 100,000+ unique visitors/yr; promote your success and connect with like minded professionals.  

Addition to map of global map of solar cookers 

Increased visibility and recognition for your project.