SCI Association

Successful solar box cooking in Madagascar by Solar Cookers International Organizational-level Associate, Association pour le Développement de l'Energie Solaire Suisse – Madagascar (ADES) 

Photographer: Markus Zuber 2017

The SCI Association has global impact

“Who are SCI Associates?”

SCI Associates are academics, advocates, community leaders, decision makers, designers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, humanitarians, innovators, manufacturers, and NGOs working to promote clean, sustainable cooking in their communities and countries.

“What are the ways the SCI Association helps my solar cooking work?”

SCI provides extensive resources and benefits that build SCI Associates’ capacity for solar cooking work.

You can find new, high-impact partners and contribute to the global work in new ways, too, when you become an SCI Associate.

Become an SCI Associate 

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