3.3+ Million Solar Cookers and Counting

3:40 PM on May 30, 2019


Thank you to all who responded to Solar Cookers International’s request to update the SCI Solar Cooker Distribution Map. Thanks to you, SCI has quantified the increased impacts of using more solar cookers around the globe. Your input shows there are now over 3.3 million solar cookers around the planet, directly impacting more than 11.8 million people. 
The impact of using solar cookers is great.

3.3+ million solar cookers and counting means: 

  •     Over 6 billion meals have been cooked using solar cookers.  
  •     Over 4.7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions are prevented in just one year; this is equal to taking almost 1 million cars off         the road.
  •     Over 23 million tonnes of CO2 emissions are prevented over the lifetime of these solar cookers. These emissions are the      equivalent of  driving almost 56.5 billion miles or burning  25 billion pounds of coal.  
  •     Over $970 million dollars are saved globally by preventing CO2 emissions.
  •     Women, men and children are breathing cleaner air.
  •     Habitats and environments are being protected. 
  •     Families are saving money on fuel-costs. 
  •     Women and  girls are avoiding the risk of violence by no longer collecting cooking fuel.
  •     Quality of life and human potential are increasing. 

Please keep sharing your solar cooker data. All input is appreciated, and all data makes a difference!

Use this link to share your data: www.solarcookers.org/work/capacity/distribution-solar-cookers