Constructing open-source solar cookers for SCI

2:03 PM on Dec 1, 2022


Thank you to Cate Pittman for constructing open-source solar cookers for Solar Cookers International. Cate’s interest was piqued in Solar Cookers International when she was tasked with researching a non-profit for a school project and she wanted to get more involved.

Cate understood that in many regions of the world, for instance in rural Africa and Latin America, people often cook with firewood or sometimes animal dung in poorly ventilated shelters and that long-term repetitive inhalation of the smoky air can lead to serious respiratory problems. Realizing there are several pathways to cleaner cooking, Cate latched onto solar thermal cooking as a truly clean, non-hydrocarbon-based, cooking solution. We are thankful for Cate’s efforts in constructing open-source solar cookers.

Here are photos of a Fun panel and solar box cooker that she constructed.


Cait 1.pngCait 2.png


Photo credit: Cate Pittman