The gift of cooking with the safe, clean energy of the sun


The gift of cooking with the safe, clean energy of the sun

9:08 AM on Jun 26, 2019


Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya is hot, windy, and barren.  With regular outbreaks of disease caused by unsafe drinking water and a lack of nutritional food, living in Kakuma can feel hopeless.  Women in the camp are often forced to sell their precious food rations for cooking fuel.  If they dare to make the journey to collect firewood, they risk rape or violence.   

DSC00854.JPGThanks to your incredible kindness, we were able to lift these risks and worries off of the shoulders of more than 350 people, including Harerimana – a single mother from Burundi with five young children.  Because of you, Solar Cookers International has successfully brought life-saving solar cooking to more than 350 people by providing 40 Heliac solar cookers in Kakuma Refugee Camp.   





DSC01022.JPGSCI Science Director, Alan Bigelow, PhD, has returned from Kenya where, because of you, SCI was able to provide solar cookers in Kakuma Refugee Camp. With you, we have given women and their families a truly priceless gift, the gift of cooking with the safe, clean energy of the sun.  






Crowd.jpgBefore using her solar cooker, Harerimana would lay awake at night, listening to her children cough in their sleep.  Now, she can rest easy as her children sleep soundly, no longer having to breathe in toxic smoke from open cooking fires.  It is because of you that Harerimana, her five children, and 350 others can breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and eat a full, nutritious meal. 

We are grateful to our donors who have continued to help us spread solar cooking as a smart, sustainable solution.   



In addition to our direct services, SCI is working to promote solar cooking as an adoptable solution, globally.  While in Kenya, SCI brought your voice – the voice of solar cooking – to the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi to advocate for solar cooking as a sustainable solution.  Together, we are educating key global decision makers on the power of solar cooking, so it can be included in plans worldwide.   

With you, SCI is leading and growing the global solar cooking movement and making your impact go further.  Thank you for continuing this important journey alongside us.  


P.S.  Want to hear more about Alan’s experience in Kenya and what good you brought to the people we met there?  Read more in Alan’s travel blog, here: