Introducing Dr. Shishpal Rawat

1:26 PM on Jan 28, 2020


Shishpal and Caitlyn.jpgSolar Cookers International is proud to introduce our new Board President, Dr. Shishpal Rawat.   

When Dr. Rawat first joined the SCI Board of Directors in 2018, he was already familiar with the importance of environmentally friendly, clean cooking solutions.  Shishpal began volunteering with Solar Cookers International at the 6th SCI World Conference in Gujarat, India.  India has some of the greatest, need for and examples of successful, scalable solar cooking, with a population of over 1 billion people, and successful examples such as the Muni Seva Ashram, where the conference was held.  In addition, Shishpal brings more than 30 years of extensive experience in the semiconductor, education, and information and technology service industries to this role.   

With you – our dedicated supporters – Board President Shishpal clearly sees the future of solar cooking and the many benefits it can offer: 

“Together, with an accomplished Board of Directors and an Outstanding Executive Director in Caitlyn Hughes, I expect SCI to continue to collaborate with international institutions to expand the reach of solar thermal cooking.  With simple and effective carbon-free solar cooking, we will improve human and environmental health in the lives of the most impoverished amongst us, supporting all of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and minimizing the impact of climate change.”    

 You can feel confident in SCI’s strength and longevity as an organization with an impressive history.  A strong organization takes strong leaders, and SCI has been fortunate to have many strong leaders, committed supporters, and dedicated advocates – like you, Dr. Shishpal Rawat and SCI’s Immediate Past-President, Jim Moose.   

Like Shishpal, Jim knows what it takes to be an effective leader of an organization with a strong history and impressive goals.  Jim also knows why Shishpal is a great choice for this role:  

“Not only do we have a superb Executive Director in Caitlyn Hughes and an active, energized Board and staff, but we also have a strong and effective new Board President, Dr. Shishpal Rawat.   Shishpal’s background in business, combined with his big heart and generous spirit will make him a capable leader for SCI.  He understands that being Board President is a big job and will bring great energy and dedication to that role.”    

Please join us in thanking Jim for his years of dedication and support and help us in welcoming Shishpal to an impressive line of exceptional SCI Board Presidents.   

Together, we look forward to the continued growth of Solar Cookers International and the advancement of the solar cooking sector under the expert guidance and leadership of Dr. Shishpal Rawat.   

Thank you for joining us on this important journey to improve human and environmental health in world regions of greatest need.   

Shishpal and Hemangi 1.jpg

New SCI Board President, Dr. Shishpal Rawat, with wife Hemangi Rawat,

dedicated SCI volunteers and supporters, at SCI’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.