Kenya Order of Excellence

12:21 PM on Dec 29, 2020


Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.21.22 PM (2).pngCongratulations to the Republic of Kenya, which has been awarded the Solar Cookers International Order of Excellence for 2020.  The Solar Cookers International Order of Excellence award recognizes the most outstanding people and organizations whose sustained efforts have contributed most to empowering people to cook food and pasteurize water with solar energy.  The Solar Cookers International (SCI) Board of Directors can award the SCI Order of Excellence once a year.   

The Republic of Kenya is being recognized for including solar cooking in its Voluntary National Review (VNR) to track progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Solar cooking positively impacts all 17 SDGs.  Solar Cookers International encourages all countries to include solar cooking in its official policies and plans, including their Nationally Determined Contributions to address climate change.  Solar cooking is a powerful solution to empower the 3 billion people cooking over open fires with the cleanest, sustainable form of cooking, solar.   

It is incredibly fitting that Kenya has included solar cooking in its VNR given SCI’s strong history of solar cooking success and collaboration in Kenya.  This includes one of only four globally recognized solar cooker Performance Evaluation Process (PEP) testing stations at the University of Nairobi and hundreds of families in Kakuma refugee camp empowered with solar cookers made in Kenya, by Kenyans, with Kenyan materials.   

SCI looks forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with the Republic of Kenya with solar cooking and encouraging other countries to follow Kenya’s leading example.   


SCI Science Director Alan Bigelow, Ph.D. (third from left) and SCI Executive Director Caitlyn Hughes (second from right) meeting with delegates from Kenya.

Photo credit: Rob Tyrrell