Making a Difference, Today and Tomorrow

10:57 AM on Feb 28, 2020


Peggy and Dan Cropped.jpgWhat drives you to make an impact in the world?

“Each other,” married SCI Legacy Circle members Peggy and Dan answered. According to Dan and Peggy, they have always “wanted to be involved and do good things in the world together.” In all important decisions in life, they discuss their common moral interests and ideals. One of these decisions was to include Solar Cookers International in their trust.

When Peggy and Dan were putting together their trust, they wanted to ensure they could continue making a difference in the world, even when they are no longer in it. They knew this choice was a meaningful one for not only their daughter, but for all future generations.

“We think that [climate change] is a long-term issue. As much as we would like to see it solved today, we know it takes some time to do. If SCI sticks to its clean and simple mission, it will endure and continue to address this problem,” says SCI Legacy Circle Member, Dan. 

The two see their legacy gift to SCI as a smart, easy addition to their annual giving. Dan and Peggy love that their contributions are doing good work now, but they also know that some challenges are not likely to be solved overnight.

Their reasons for joining SCI’s Legacy Circle go beyond the positive environmental benefits of carbon-free solar cooking. As Peggy said, “It goes much further than climate change. It is empowering women, addressing inequality, and giving opportunity. What’s not to love?” Thank you to Peggy, Dan, and all of SCI’s Legacy Circle Members.

Are you interested in joining Peggy and Dan in SCI's Legacy Circle or want to know more? Check out of Legacy information here.