"Our Planet Our Future" with SCI and You

12:48 PM on Feb 12, 2020


Annotation 2020-02-12 130146.jpgOn Sunday, February 2nd, Solar Cookers International joined the United Nations Association -USA in celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations by taking on climate change. The event with the motto: "Our Planet Our Future" was well attended and a lively discussion followed.

Speaker Dana Nuccitelli, astrophysicist and climate writer, led the program. His coverage of climate-related forest fires was extremely prescient and satellite coverage of Australia compared to California, USA brought the need to reduce fossil fuel use close to home.

Molly Fisk, California's poet laureate, put climate subjects to literary verse. Several new poems from her newest anthology were well received. University of California, Davis Professor Kate Wilkins, spoke on transportation issues and recycling. Stephen Saffold, SCI past board member, demonstrated his box cooker and discussed the role of Solar Cookers International through its United Nations affiliation.

He also discussed SCI's hundreds of collaborations and its role in advancing women's health and empowerment. In addition to offering solar baked oatmeal cookies, he passed out SCI literature and discussed with individuals the outreach SCI provides, especially to vulnerable communities. 

Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, advocates, and supporters, who make sharing this knowledge and dedication possible.