School of Engineering and Sciences developing solar cooking technology into their curriculum

4:35 PM on Jun 10, 2019


Blog submitted by SCI Board Member Monica Woods:

An umbrella for a parabolic, a black box for a sun oven. My eyes lit up when I walked into the courtyard at the School of Engineering and Sciences in Sacramento. The area was full of solar cookers made by high school students. They were cooking hot dogs, cookies and more. What a scene!

My name is Monica Woods Gray and I serve on the board for Solar Cookers International. I was fortunate enough to attend this event, along with my fellow board member Dr. Shishpal Rawat, his wife and SCI volunteer, Hemangi Rawat and SCI volunteer Nathan Schumacher.

The School of Engineering and Sciences in Sacramento is one of SCI's newest members of our Organizational level Associates. The 9th grade students are doing a unit on solar cooking and invited SCI to observe what they invented using their knowledge of solar cooking.

We also met with Assistant Principal, Patrick Bohman, and teacher, Joe Cody. They are developing guidelines to implement solar cooking technology into their curriculum. It was a wonderful afternoon meeting, talking about how solar cooking can be integrated into many subjects beyond science. These might include: geography, climatology, economy, cultural history, health, human behavior, and so many more.

We'll continue working with the school to develop the rubric for the students to try and meet certain goals when designing their solar cookers.