SCI Board Member Monica Woods shares her legacy

3:00 PM on Mar 11, 2020


M. Woods family photo 1.jpgWe became Legacy Circle members in 2019. My husband and I are comforted knowing our children know how to honor our passion for Solar Cookers International. 

We talked about legacy giving over the last several years but were intimidated by the process. What really hit home for us, was watching our parents and friends go through settling estates. They didn’t know how to honor their loved ones by donating to charities they supported through their lifetime. 

The SCI legacy information came in the mail and we started to examine how this might fit into our lives now and when we are gone. The brochure laid out several legacy giving ideas and we were able to select one that makes sense for us right now. 

To our delight when we called our attorney, he was familiar with the process and said he could have the paperwork drawn up that day. We got the changes notarized and the new trust was ready to go. 

Our kids just smiled when we mentioned what we were doing. I’m sure when we are gone, they’ll remember the days mom was out in the backyard with her solar cooker and dad was bringing in the meal for dinner. 

Good memories that will be honored through our legacy. 

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