SCI supporter Darwin Curtis makes solar cooking research possible

11:42 AM on Jan 3, 2020



Thank you to longtime SCI supporter Darwin Curtis.  Solar Cookers International is honored to work in collaboration with Mr. Curtis over many decades. He is a devoted solar cooking advocate who has supported SCI in many ways, including most recently supporting research and analysis of the solar cooking sector. Dar has encouraged SCI’s role as a leader in solar cooking data collection and dissemination, recognizing the value of knowledge exchange and evidence-based decision making. Dar provided generous financial support to produce the SCI White Paper.  

Information from this white paper has significantly contributed to our overall understanding of the progress of the solar cooking sector.  From this research, SCI’s count of identified solar cookers went from 3.2 million to 3.9 million and is ever increasing.  You can get up to date statistics, learn more about where solar cookers are located and contribute your data here. This information is helpful when advocating for solar cooking solutions with government leaders and demonstrating growth of the solar cooking sector.

Dar began studying solar cookers in the 1980’s. By 1991, he strongly believed that this simple technology had enormous potential for our planet where environmental degradation was causing ever increasing concern. The use of biomass for cooking in billions of households around the world is unsustainable. Darwin Curtis recognized this early on. Mr. Curtis said, “You know solar cooking will enjoy wide adoption…because its alternatives cannot remain acceptable.”  Dar then made his own solar box cooker in the Sonoran Desert from SCI instructions. Inspired, he began volunteering for SCI.  Dar developed and demonstrated the effectiveness and practicality of solar cooking technology, and trained thousands of solar cooks over the years.

“I have very much enjoyed meeting with Mr. Curtis, as his passion and dedication for solar cooking is effusive.  He shares this passion with such a kind heart.  The world needs more people like Mr. Curtis,” expressed SCI Executive Director Caitlyn Hughes.

Individuals and organizations such as Mr. Curtis are greatly appreciated by the solar cooking sector. Their support allows SCI to do work in addition to the distribution of solar cookers, such as research and information sharing. These efforts help the entire solar cooking sector. Thank you to Mr. Curtis and all SCI supporters who make this important work possible.