SCI Welcomes the Sacramento School of Science and Engineering

2:35 PM on May 15, 2019


Thanks to generous sponsorship from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), the Sacramento School of Science and Engineering (SES) is now an SCI Organizational Level (Bronze) Associate. SCI Associates have a high impact on solar cooking.  SCI and SES are working together to promote clean and sustainable solutions. SES Assistant Principal Patrick Bohman, Math Teacher Joe Cody, and Advisory Board Chairman Eric Walther, Ph.D., are SCI Individual Associates, benefits of SES’s SCI Organizational Level Association status.

SES is a 7 – 12th grade Linked Learning school which integrates engineering and science across subject areas. 9th graders complete a solar cooking unit by constructing solar cookers and solar cooking food with an eye towards speed of cooking. 

IMG_20190510_122140823.jpgSCI Executive Director Caitlyn Hughes recently spoke at SES’ Speaker Series to both middle and high school students. Ms. Hughes highlighted SCI’s leadership role connecting over 700 collaborators in over 135 countries. Caitlyn expressed her enthusiasm for interacting with the SES students and stated, “Solar cooking is a great example of hands-on, interdisciplinary learning, where students apply practical solutions to global problems.” 

Thank you to SMUD for empowering these collaborations.  SMUD also includes solar cooking in much of its renewable energy outreach. 

To learn more about joining the SCI Association, visit https://www.solarcookers.org/partners/sci-association