Sharing the solution of solar cooking at the UC Solar Thermal Technologies Symposium

10:00 AM on Dec 6, 2019




UC Davis and UC Merced hosted a one-day symposium in November 2019 to examine what it would take for solar thermal technologies to deliver a cost-effective low-carbon supplemental source of energy for industrial processes. Solar Cookers International (SCI) Board Members Jackelyn Lundy and Eric Hafter represented SCI and exchanged information on the use of solar thermal energy for cooking and SCI’s important work. They conducted several poster presentations to share SCI’s strategic approach of leading through advocacy, research, and strengthening the capacity of the global solar cooking movement. Representatives from research and development agencies, research institutions and industry participated in the dialogue.

“It was great to connect with a strong academic institution right in our own backyard and compare and share recent developments,” said SCI Board Member Jackie Lundy.

Participating in events such as the UC Solar Thermal Technologies Symposium increases awareness of solar cooking and creates opportunities for effective collaborations.