Solar Cookers International chapter published in United Nations book “A Better World: Actions and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals”

11:13 AM on Aug 5, 2019


Given SCI’s longstanding high level involvement with the United Nations, we were invited to submit a chapter which was published in the United Nations book “A Better World: Actions and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals.” 

You can view SCI’s contribution at http://digital.tudor-rose.co.uk/a-better-world-vol-4/120/ 

SCI was specifically invited because of our “clear commitment to the SDGs, and to meet the needs of millions of people set to benefit from the increased development of SDG Goal 15” Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN), according to Sean Nicklin, the book’s General Coordinator.  The book was designed to “project the importance of achieving sustainable human development and highlight areas where this can and will improve with good policy implementation and action” to enhance sustainability, and combat deforestation, desertification, and land degradation.   

This is one very important way that SCI leverages our valuable supporters’ contributions for maximum impact.  These books were sent (free of charge in many cases) to government and civil society leaders and employees in developing countries to empower them with specific examples of success in achieving the SDGs, so that they can replicate them.  This combined format of printed and digital books is valuable, because it can be accessed at any time, even when variable technological equipment, internet, and power access can be limiting.   

You and SCI are putting the most important knowledge in the right people’s hands for maximum impact and success with solar cooking to protect our planet and lives.