Solar: Cooking Power of the Future

10:46 AM on Jul 12, 2018


Solar cooker technologies have improved in quality and performance over the past 30 years. 

SCI’s mission and vision is to improve human and environmental health by supporting the expansion of proven, clean, sustainable cooking solutions. 

To date, SCI estimates over four billion meals have been solar cooked using solar thermal energy.   

Solar thermal technologies have held center stage until recently, when interest in solar photovoltaic (solar PV) cooking technologies surged. SCI began receiving inquiries about solar PV cooking possibilities. 

Because of SCI’s deep expertise with solar thermal cooking technologies, we were curious to compare and contrast solar PV cooking with solar thermal applications for cooking.  

Alan Bigelow, Ph.D., SCI’s Science Director and physicist, has solar photovoltaic credentials and briefly compared and contrasted solar thermal and solar PV cooking solutions in the SCI webinar, “The Clean, Sustainable cooking Solution – Solar Thermal” hosted by The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. To learn more about SCI’s strategy, solar thermal and solar PV cooking technologies, watch the SCI webinar below.