United Nations Climate Change Conference | COP24

2:17 PM on Dec 13, 2018


Press Conferences

SCI represented the solar cooking sector at COP24.

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Listen to guest speaker Angeline Heine, Energy Planner for the Marshall Islands, discusses the opportunity for solar cooking. This would improve the lives for many women and children who still live on islands without access to electricity but have an abundance of sunlight. 

Press conference with guest speakers:
Rana Adib, Executive Secretary, REN21
Marion Verles, CEO, Gold Standard

"Solar cooking is an effective solution to both protect the environment, empower women, improve health by reducing respiratory diseases and water born diseases, decreases poverty, decreases conflict, and is a cross cutting solution that addresses all 17 Sustainable Development goals.” Caitlyn Hughes, Executive Director, Solar Cookers International

SCI hosted the World Health Organization (WHO) in a press conference at COP24.
Solar Cooking: an available, cross-cutting solution for accessing cooking energy and reducing GHG emissions

WHO discusses why solar cooking is important for people around the world. A significant number of people around the world (about 3 billion) do not have access to clean cooking technology. This contributes to unhealthy conditions and threatens the lives of many women and children globally.