United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25

12:58 PM on Dec 18, 2019



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From December 2 – 13, Solar Cookers International (SCI) joined more than 25,000 attendees from nearly 200 countries at the 25th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25).   

At COP 25 world leaders gathered to discuss ways their countries can address the climate emergency.  Thanks to you, SCI was also there, representing the solar cooking sector as the leading experts on solar cooking and its importance.  SCI worked tirelessly to influence change in policy, practice, and research that can result in increased adoption of solar cooking worldwide.   

Because of your essential support, SCI spread the word of solar cooking to policy makers, government officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations, the international scientific community, and international media.  Through our exhibit booth, press conferences, and panel presentations, SCI highlighted the climate-friendly solution of solar cooking and the related benefits, including: breathing cleaner air, conquering waterborne diseases, increasing safety, and preserving habitats.   

Together, our efforts have been amplified.  SCI’s press conferences at COP have now been made digitally available to more than 3 billion people, worldwide.   

In addition to building important connections with influential organizations and government leaders, SCI also met with community leaders from around the world and empowered them with solar cooking resources.  These individuals – familiar with their local culture – can now use these solar cooking resources from SCI to successfully bring solar cooking back to their communities.   

In 2018, the Minister of Uganda bought the solar cooker SCI had on display and took it home with him, saying “my people need this, and I am the person to bring it to them.”  

This year, Solar Cookers International met with representatives from influential groups such as the World Food Program.  The World Food Program understands that the ability to sustainably cook food is an important part of the equation to make sure everyone can eat, and solar cooking is a powerful way to do that.  Solar Cookers International and the World Food Program discussed future collaboration opportunities, such as bringing solar cooking to more school lunch programs.   

Empowering the representatives from Gabon with solar cooking knowledge is just one example of the many beneficial connections that were made and strengthened at COP 25.  

You and SCI are giving a voice to the solar cooking sector and those still cooking over open, toxic flames.  Thank you.   

SCI is grateful to our supporters who gave us the opportunity to attend COP25 and advocate for the 3 billion people cooking over open fires, and all of us who share this planet.  By sharing the latest developments in solar cooking and the great strides that SCI has made in combating climate change, we are one significant step closer to a world where every individual has access to food, clean water, and a healthy living environment.  

Thank you for joining us on this powerful, necessary, journey.