What is your favorite thing to solar cook?

7:18 PM on May 6, 2020



*Long time supporter Gini, shares her favorite things to solar cook.

"We first started solar cooking in Botswana using a cardboard box cooker made from SCI plans.  Returning home to California in 1991, I headed straight for the SCI office in Sacramento, the only place that made sense to me after my year away from Silicon Valley.  That's when my husband and I became very involved with SCI, with their wonderful people and their wonderful message.  

Since then, I have presented solar cooking projects to students in their elementary school classes and at the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum.  Each year I bake my traditional English holiday fruit cake in my solar oven--done in October and ready for the holiday season.  Today sheltering in the mountains, we are cooking pasta on our deck in beautiful Sierra sunshine. I love solar cooking and SCI, and I love being a part of their message to the world."