Mike Paparian

Michael Paparian has over 35 years of experience developing and implementing California environmental and energy policies and related finance programs. Mr. Paparian was the first Sierra Club California State Director.  He has held varied positions inside and outside state government, including California Deputy State Treasurer, Executive Director of the California Pollution Control Financing Authority, Special Consultant to the California Environmental Protection Agency, and Board Member of the Integrated Waste Management Board.

Mr. Paparian currently consults on environmental finance issues, including development of the green bond market, linking California financing programs to national and international climate solutions, and implementing financial incentives for clean energy businesses.  He is a Climate Reality Leader. Paparian joined the SCI Board of Directors in 2017.

“My lifetime passion has been environmental protection and working on climate solutions is now my priority. Solar cookers are part of the mosaic of solutions to climate issues. I have seen first-hand that solar cookers provide tremendous opportunities for change. SCI improves the lives of people simultaneously at an individual and global level. I am thrilled to assist with this mission.”

Mr. Paparian holds Bachelors’ Degrees in Biology and Psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Planning from California State University.  He has served on numerous boards and commissions, now including Solar Cookers International.  In addition to his consulting work, he, blogs about green finance and climate and assists non-profit organizations.  He attended the United Nations COP21, COP22, and COP23 Climate Summits as a representative of the InterEnvironment Institute. At COP23, he also represented SCI.