Ruth Holton-Hodson

Vice President

Ruth Holton-Hodson joined the SCI Board of Directors in 2017. She spent her 30 year career as a consumer advocate in the non-profit, philanthropic and government sectors.  Currently she is the Deputy State Treasurer for Health and Consumer Policy for State Treasurer John Chiang.  Prior to that, she served as the Deputy Controller for Health and Consumer Policy.  Ms. Holton-Hodson spent almost 10 years working for The California Wellness Foundation as a Special Projects Director and Director of Public Policy focusing on increasing access to health care in low income communities.  She was the advocate and then Executive Director for California Common Cause where she ran two successful statewide initiative campaigns on campaign finance and ethics reforms. She began her public policy career as a lobbyist for the California Children’s Lobby. She has a Master’s in Educational Administration from The University of Chicago.