Individual Associate Benefits

Individual Associate Benefits

Individual Associate gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to solar cooking with outreach, networking, training and education. It also affords the opportunity to stay informed and connected, and to positively influence and promote solar thermal cooking worldwide.


$40 USD annually. Join now. 

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Access to all SCI webinars ($150 value)


-Inclusion in the list of Associates published annually (SCI website, SCI Wiki) (up to $260 value)

-Association designation on the SCI Wiki ( -  which receives 2.7 million page visits per year

-Access to the SCI Associate logo for your website

-SCI Associate certificate and card


-Priority consideration for SCI Convention travel funding (up to $2,400 value)

-Reduced registration fees at selected SCI international and regional conventions ($10-$50 value)


-Inclusion in the Global Associates Directory (priceless)


-Submit a blog to SCI's website according to the guidelines once a year ($180 value)

-Obtain Webmaster assistance with personal page design and content on the Solar Cooking Wiki (up to $60 value)

-Priority consideration for inclusion on the SCI Wiki News and Events pages

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SCI Associates are not legal representatives of Solar Cookers International and may not make binding commitments on its behalf.

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