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Easy and simple way to solar cook.

It's fun.

The fuel is free.

Great way to show pride in SCI's innovative history. 

About the CooKit

  • Made of durable cardboard and foil 
  • Shaped to reflect maximum sunlight onto cooking pot
  • Use with black cooking pot and lid
  • The CooKit can pasteurize household drinking water, making it safe to drink.
  • The solar cooking process is smokeless, reducing pollution, respiratory diseases and eye irritation.
  • With solar cooking, you start your meals early in the day and then relax. At lunch or later in the afternoon or evening, when you’re tired after a day of work, the sun will have cooked your food.
  • More information and guidelines can be found on our Wiki page here
  • Using the solar cooker can reduce the total amount of effort in meal preparation. 
  • Cooking outside in the summer allows you to eliminate extra heat in your house.
  • Comes with printed instructions, 3 high temperature cooking bags and 2 clothes pins to adjust the cooker angle
  • Performance Evaluation Process (PEP) tested - click here to see results



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