John Collentine Solar Cooking Toolkit

Welcome to the John Collentine Solar Cooking Toolkit!

The John Collentine Solar Cooking Toolkit can quickly guide you to solar cooking information to meet your specific needs. The Toolkit is a collection of resources intended for many audiences. You may be a solar cooking practitioner at the grass-roots level or a national policy decision-maker. There are relevant and informative resources no matter who you are. Find the solar cooking information YOU need below.  

The Toolkit is named after the dedicated solar cooking advocate John Collentine in honor of his commitment to solar cooking.  John Collentine was a valued member of the SCI family for more than 20 years. John served as a dedicated volunteer, visionary Board President, and Interim Executive Director.  He received the SCI Order of Excellence for going above and beyond in the solar cooking sector.  Valuable resources such as this carry on John's dream of making solar cooking accessible to more people. 

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Learn about the benefits of solar cookers, how they work and how to obtain a cooker




Learn about solar cooker designs, materials, solar tracking and solar radiation





Learn about SCI’s Performance Evaluation Process - why, how, what and where  




Learn about the United Nations work, other clean cooking advocate groups and promoting solar cooking 




Learn about the solar cooking Wiki, consulting SCI, Global Advisors and more




Learn about data, impacts and significant projects and add your data to the global map




Learn about financing projects and carbon credits




Learn about classroom resources and building solar cookers


The John Collentine Solar Cooking Toolkit offers a wide array of resources for a wide array of audiences:

  • The Introductory Tools are helpful for all individuals interested in learning about solar cooking.
  • If you want to make your own solar cooker, click on the Technical Tools.
  • The Advocacy Tools focus on promoting the use of solar cookers. 
  • If you are an educator, start with the Teaching Tools or if you are an entrepreneur,  look at the Business Tools.
  • The Testing Tools will help you get your solar cooker tested or obtain information to make a purchasing decision.
  • If you would like to learn more about project best practices and read examples of solar cooking projects, see Project Tools
  • If you want to get more involved with SCI and the solar cooking sector, check out the Networking Tools.

Whether you are new to solar cooking or a seasoned practitioner, we hope you find this self-guided Toolkit useful in directing you to the tools you need.

SCI manages the Solar Cooking Wiki, the world’s largest online resource about solar cooking. The Solar Cooking Wiki is a virtual community collaborating to share solar thermal technology for its positive impact on human and environmental health. Information from the Solar Cooking Wiki is included in the John Collentine Solar Cooking Toolkit for easy accessibility. If you’d like to see more, visit the SCI Wiki here.

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John Collentine showing his support for SCI.