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Interested in having your solar cooker tested? Learn how here.

Solar cooks around the world want hardy,

efficient solar cooking devices they can rely on.


They asked SCI to develop a test to evaluate solar cookers.

We did.

It is the

Performance Evaluation Process (PEP)


SCI promotes all solar cooker designs that are:

  • high-performing and durable
  • proven by testing, according to the objective SCI performance evaluation process (PEP)

Schedule a Test

If interested in having your solar cooker device tested, please click here:

Manufacturers and designers, contact SCI at if you have questions about testing your solar cooking device. 

SCI Testing Centers

Solar Cookers International is a recognized testing center of Clean Cooking AllianceEvaluations are arranged by SCI and conducted at these Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers (RTKCs): 

  • Kenya - Nairobi, University of Nairobi.
  • Nepal  Lalitpur. Center for Rural Technologies (CRT).  
  • USA – Nyack, New York. Solar Cookers International.  
  • USA – Pollock Pines (Greater Sacramento area), California. Solar Cookers International.